Volim Te, Zagreb (Part 2) – ‘Moderna Galarija’

Given that the tone of my last blog entry about Zagreb felt a little wistful, despite having a really nice time there, I thought it would be a bit of a shame if I didn’t publish a follow-up piece that feels more celebratory and cheerful at least. Or, more importantly, that I should publish a follow-up about one of the highlights of my visit to Zagreb earlier this year. For me my favourite moment was a visit to ‘Moderna Galerija’ (Zagreb’s National Museum of Modern Art).  Even though I took quite a few photographs of the amazing artwork upon the gallery’s wall, I did neglect to take photo the MG’s exterior. Moderna Galerija is housed in the Revival style of Vranyczany Palace, built in the 1880s in the heart of Zagreb to a plan by Viennese architect Otto Hofner. According to the gallery’s website if offers more than “750 outstanding modern exhibits of painters, sculptors, medal-makers and multi-media artists embodying some of the high points of the Croatian fine arts from t

Volim Te, Zagreb – Reflections on an East European getaway

While I do enjoy writing these blogs, despite the fact that I only have one subscriber (who happens to be one of my oldest friends that I’ve known since high school), I thought maybe I should expand my subject matter and write about other interesting stuff. That was the intention of this blog. As the subheading suggests; Garden Design, Landscape of the Mind . . . and Music in Between. Besides, I have written around fourteen entries already about garden design and horticulture. And while that is all good sometimes it does feel like I’m singing from a ‘set-list’ as it were that is becoming too familiar to me. That is not to say SoundPlace&Time will no longer be about British gardening culture, of course it will be. I just thought it would also be cool to write about other interesting stuff, like some of the places I have been fortunate enough to visit this year. One of which was Croatia’s capital city; Zagreb.                                                 It would be fai